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It's not third time lucky for Sunetra; Strictly Come Dancing update

3rd December 2014

It's not third time lucky for Sunetra; Strictly Come Dancing update
It's been an eventful week on Strictly Come Dancing! The dancers have stepped up their stamina and dance ability as the finals are almost within reach. We saw raunchy rumba's and saucy salsa's as well as a wardrobe malfunction- which was well saved by one of the dancers!

Sunetra had faced three consecutive weeks of being in the dance off, but the weekend was to be her last. She was chosen for the dance off along with Mark Wright, who danced a salsa- Sunetra's chosen dance was a rumba.

Mark Wright's salsa to Viva Las Vegas, a PG certificate needed!

Whilst energetic and saucy, Mark Wright's salsa landed himself in the dance off for maintaining a stiff upper body during his ballroom dance. That said, Mark's steps and slides were on point linking up with the music in time. We saw an array of women passing Mark around, to which one female ripped open Mark's top. He continued to dance with torso on full show, giving everyone a good visual show along side his dancing. Mark's hip thrusts and bum wiggling made this salsa particularly raunchy, and guessing form Mark's facial expressions he thoroughly enjoyed the dance!

Sunetra's last dance

A big contrast in ballroom dance style from Mark's energetic salsa, Sunetra danced the rumba to 'The Girl from Ipanema' which played out a great story through the dance. Sunetra moved gracefully across the stage, extending her legs and arms softly at the right height and stance.

A couple of her steps were off point, but this can be forgiven looking at how her performance theatrically complimented her dance steps. The passion and unravelling love story was electrified by Sunetra's seductiveness. Both dance skill and theatrical elements worked together to create a strong dance, but unfortunately it wasn't strong enough to keep Sunetra in the competition.

Pasha's wardrobe malfunction

Pasha managed to skilfully avoid his wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor this week. When lifting Caroline onto his shoulders, the Fez on his head rolled off onto the dance floor, very close to where Caroline was performing a set of very fast flicking kicks. As Pasha circled around to assume the next position, he seamlessly kicked backwards to the beat and managed to fling the hat out of the way. It was a great sight to see a professional dancer carry on with ease and overcome an unfortunate happening!

We're now down to the last 6 contestants- who's your favourite to win? Things are only going to get better on Strictly, make sure you stay tuned in!

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