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How to Waltz for beginners

28th November 2014

How to Waltz for beginners
The Waltz is a very elegant dance which often looks effortless. The partners glide around the dance floor, practising smooth progressive moves which float seamlessly through the dance.

Footing and steps

The basic feature to master in the Waltz is the footing. The Waltz is danced in a 'box' which you perform around the room. The 'box' step does what it says on the tin; dancers are told to visualise a box on the floor and dance into it. Your feet will stop at each corner of the box, move along the edges and then horizontally across. It may take a little while to master the step, but it is one which is staple to a Waltz and once learned becomes second nature!


One of the features which makes Waltz a great beginner ballroom dance is that you can count the beats to your steps easily. Most Waltz's are counted in threes (1,2,3 1,2,3) which will sync with your steps.

How to stand with your partner

This is crucial in most ballroom dances, but the stance of your body against your partners is more effective in the Waltz as it adds to the elegance and smoothness of the dance.

The lead dancer will take their partners right hand into their left, and it should be held at shoulder height. The other arm should hold your partner around the waist loosely, so turns are supported and a unity is formed through the feet and upper body. Elbows should be level and arms kept erect and sharp at all times!

These are the basic skills needed to begin your first Waltz dance. As you progress you will be introduced to more complex steps, turns and twists, which will transform you into a perfect Waltzer.

Make sure you keep up on Strictly Come Dancing too; there will be Waltzing, Jiving, Tangoing and more to show you what you can achieve in dancing just like the celebrities have!

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