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How To Keep Your Dance Clients During Summer

2nd June 2014

How To Keep Your Dance Clients During Summer
Are you worried about loosing your clients over summer?

Never fear! We've put together some top tips for keeping your business booming and your dance classes full over the summer.

Run special summer workshop & events
During the summer months lots of people are looking to shape up and try something new, making it the perfect time to run one off events to generate extra business.

Think about what dance events would appeal to people looking during the summer.

Children will be off school, people will be thinking about their bikini body and looking to make the most of the long evenings by taking up a new hobby.

Popular events could include:
Beginners dance workshops
Summer Slim Down Series
Teen workshops
Children's dance summer school

As long as you remember your audience there is no reason you shouldn't get creative with what you offer.

Dance Near You Events & Workshops Page

Run a promotion
Dance promotions and special offers are a great way to get more business particularly during quieter times such as the summer holidays.

In fact, the special offers page is one of the most popular pages on Dance Near You and sees thousands of visitors everyday, which goes to show people are looking for a great dance deal near them.

Respond to demand and keep your classes full by running a great special offer!

Some good dance promotions include:
Block booking discounts (to keep existing clients)
Try your first class for free
Bring a friend for free

Dance Near You Special Offers Page

Check out our dance special offers page

Be their holiday
As the old saying goes"If you can't beat them - join them". While we're not suggesting you give up teaching dance and go on holiday over the summer (although that would be nice), running a dance holiday is a great way to overcome the summer lull and bring in extra revenue.

Running a dance holiday is a great way to grow your business and name as a dance instructor.

Our dance instructors tell us dance holidays are an extremely rewarding way of sharing your knowledge and connecting with clients new and old.

Dance Near You Retreats & Holidays Page

Get your promotion right
As with anything in business getting your promotion and marketing right is the key to success.

Over the summer and especially when running new events, offers or retreats it's a good idea to step up your marketing.

The good news is when it comes to promoting your dance business we're here to help!

At Dance Near You we're experts in marketing with tonnes of experience in promoting dance in the UK.

We've created dedicated pages for you to promote your dance workshops, events, retreats and special offers giving you national coverage on the UK's top dance class finder.

PLUS! We actively promote your events, workshops and retreats across our newsfeed and social media pages.

Over 50,000 people looking for dance in the UK visit DNY every month making it THE place to market your dance business.

The summer is full of opportunities to generate more business and gain new clients.

At Dance Near You we're here to help you with your dance business marketing year round.

Why not step up your marketing this summer and keep your classes full year round with Dance Near You?

Find out more and join the hundreds of dance instructors already listed with us by clicking the link below.