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How To Get The Perfect Body With This Explosive Ballet Workout

12th March 2015

How To Get The Perfect Body With This Explosive Ballet Workout
How do you possibly get the perfect body from just one workout? Dance workouts are generally great for cardio burning but what about the strengthening and toning element? A Pilates class maybe?!? Well, I have just the solution, all in one great dance fitness class.

Ballestics is the brand new explosive ballet workout, that takes the traditional ballet workout and turns it on it's head. Taking traditional ballet steps such as plie and tendu, it is combined with modern dance steps from all genres. This gives you the best of both worlds from a high energy workout that raises the heart-rate to burn calories, but at the same time has toning and strengthening benefits to help sculpt the body. Differing to other ballet workouts, Ballestics doesn't have any barre work so there's no propping yourself up in a Ballestics class. This encourages dancers to use their core muscles, move more freely in the centre of the studio space and get the heart-rate lifted as quickly as possible. And forget about the lonely piano music from ballet classes gone-by, as a Ballestics class is set to current pop and dance music to help boost energy levels to the max.

Traditionally, ballet workouts are considered to be a standing version of Pilates, with soft and gentle movements that mainly focus on toning. But as a male ballet dancer that trained at The Royal Ballet School, I'm very keen for people to know that this isn't the only style of ballet out there. The graceful and lyrical elements of a ballet class are beautiful and wonderful, but for me, ballet is so much more and is often under-represented. The explosive power and strength involved in ballet is often lost in translation and so I wanted to create a ballet workout that captured all of those elements. Combining the graceful, often seen as more feminine elements, with the stronger, more masculine movements is essential when I choreograph the class. This allows me to translate how much ballet has changed over the years, and how it's not what you might have thought it was. For me a good ballet routine can be as sexy and powerful, cool and inspiring as any other dance style out there and it's about time people got to experience that for themselves.

Ballestics brings the ballet workout bang up-to-date, inspiring people with ballet in a way that's never been done before. The response we're getting from people so far is amazing. Those that have tried ballet before obviously love it, but those that haven't done ballet before seem to love it even more. Not just because it has great physical benefits, but because it's 'Ballet With Attitude!' - it's fun, easy and ultimately cool!

Ballestics is a set class of choreographed exercises starting with a warm up followed by plie, tendu, rond de jambe and so on until climaxing with jumps, followed by a cool-down. The basic ballet movements are easy to pick up and can be found in many 'legs, bums and tums' classes, so people instantly feel confident achieving them. Also, because they're generally executed whilst standing on one leg, they really work your core muscles and help build strength and balance. These basic moves are then combined with dance steps ranging from ballroom dance styles such as waltz, to current street dance moves. They are easy to learn and help get your body moving and raise the heart-rate to help burn off calories.

Choreographing the exercises as a dance routine creates an inspiring, easy and fun way for people everywhere to engage with ballet and all dance styles, with all the physical and health benefits too. Now you can try one energising class offering cardio and strength training with the excitement and joy of dance dance, the only question is, why haven't you tried it yet?!?

Find out more about Ballestics and how to become an instructor by checking out the profile for Jamie Thomson from Ballestics.