How to find a Halloween Dance Near Me

26th October 2018

How to find a Halloween Dance Near Me

Halloween parties are great fun. All over the UK there are lots of Halloween parties to choose from. Why not find a local dance club near you and meet some new ghoulish friends?

Go over the top

That's what Halloween parties are all about. Dress like ghoul. Its an excuse to look as ghoulish as you can. Frankenstein, witches, Mexican death heads, monsters... its up to you. But make sure your wearing something that keeps you cool. Your going to be getting hot so you don't want to die of heat exhaustion on the dance floor. That would be a bit over the top.

Remember your going to be dancing so don't forget your dance sneakers. 

Dance to Monster Sounds

Halloween dance music will feature sounds that will get your limbs twitching. Listen out for the all time ghoul music from Michael Jackson's “Thriller” originally recorded in 1982. Probably the most popular Halloween dance tune.

When it was released it was accompanied by a 14 minute long horror themed music video. Which went on to become “most successful music video” of all time.

With ghouls, monster, zombies, corpses and tons of Special ghoulish metaphors its inspired many Halloween party goers to get up and dance. Its terrifying great dance music. Best of all Michael gets his girl. 

Other great tracks include Monster Mash... a graveyard smash recorded by Bobby Bori Picket and his band the Crypt-Kickers in 1962. Its still a big favourite at Halloween parties.

Enjoy zombie fun, ghoulish twists, Frankenstein-style monster gestures, mad scientists laboratory mixes.

Don't forget the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack "Time Warp" released in 1975, loved by many, dig out your zombie gear and “Do the time warp again”. When it was originally released it was unsuccessful but over time it has become a Halloween dance classic.

Ghost busters is another foot tapping dance track that sets the scene for kinds of monster fun dance. Written and recorded by Ray Parker in 1984. It featured in the move of the same name where the cast were covered in green slime. So don't forget your Ghost buster outfit and take the ectoplasm slime buster machine and watch out for psychomagnotheric. Slime it is very slippy!

Watch out for fellow dancers "Hold your fire till we see a moment of weakness".

Find Creepy Dance things to Wear

Rob your wardrobe graveyard, dig tattered and torn dresses. Use Old make-up.. soon you will be looking like a ghoul and mad scientist, or monster so you don't need to waste time shopping because you need to get dancing.

Its all great fun and you can dance the night away for only the price of the ticket entrance. 

Where to Find a Halloween Dance Near Me

Its easy just go to Dance Near You look for a local club either book-online or enquire. Be quick its Halloween time we don't want you missing out on the spooky fun it could be a thriller.