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How to choose the perfect dance style for you

16th July 2018

How to choose the perfect dance style for you

How to choose the perfect dance style for you

People start thinking about dancing because they are inspired by dancers on TV, dance shows or in film or maybe because they are looking for a new activity or have a passion for dancing but have not been for a while.

Its hard for people looking to take up dancing because there is so much choice, lots of styles and types from Ballroom to ballet, Cuban to contemporary, Hip hop to line, salsa to rock n roll, jive, swing.

The key thing is to try different styles and settle on the one that you enjoy. Before you start dance class you need to understand what kind of dance is suitable for you. There are some things you may want to consider.


Why you want to dance? Is it for fitness, flexibility, fun or just to meet people and socialise. Thinking about your goals should help you find out your dance style.

Do you want to dance on Broadway? Do you want to dance to impress your friends?


It's also important understand what kind of music would you like to dance to? Do you like dressing up? Do you like to dance solo or with a partner? Each dance has its own look, tone, and atmosphere.

Dance is something that belongs to who you really are and to choose a dance style you need to consider what are your personal preferences.


It's also important understand what kind of music would you like to dance to? For instance rock, pop, classical, rap music, country and western, Latin vibes, regaetton, swing, 50s big band sounds, 70's. Its important that you like the music it will help you get in the swing.


You don't need to be super fit to dance. In fact you can start dancing straight away, however choose your classes carefully because some are more strenuous than others. For example street dancing require more physical exertion than line dance.

Beginners classes are slower and require less work than an intermediate class. The great thing about learning to dance is that you can build your fitness and stamina over time its not like going to a gym.


The great thing about dance is that people of all sizes weight, can dance. You don't need the physic of a ballet dancer to have a go or learn ballroom dancing.

You see all those ballerinas with similar and perfect bodies. But you have to know that developing those bodies took countless hours of rigorous daily practice and continual training. So be kind to yourself , it's important to evaluate your body before you begin.


Young, old, middle aged, male, females anyone can learn to dance.

Children start from the age of 3. Adults are stilling dancing in their 90s. Dance has no age, maybe if you start at forty years old is a bit difficult becoming a professional dancer but you can always have fun and make dancing your favourite hobby.


Most dance classes don't require you to bring a partner. Dancing is a social activity where you will meet new people. Find new partners or dance with your own partner. Its flexible there are no rules.


Even if you love the dance style that you have chosen. The most decisive thing is your teacher.

A good teacher can make any class interesting, a bad one would kill your love for dancing.

Try different teachers until you find the teacher you love no matter what style he or she teaches.


If you want to dance but you have no idea of what to choose, you can try a few different classes in a few different styles to see which one you prefer. Maybe you could be surprised by yourself.

By trying different styles you will be able to mix and match what you love.

Source: Serena Fariello