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How much do you really know about burlesque dancing?

20th May 2015

How much do you really know about burlesque dancing?
The feathers, the stockings and the breathing taking corsets (quite literally).

This may be what you think of when you hear about burlesque dancing matched with the stage performances, powerful music and iconic women across the decades. Musicals such as Chicago and Moulin Rouge have instilled burlesque to be connected to the rhythm of jazz everyone would like to move to.

As the world's largest burlesque festival hits London this week for the 9th year, you have to wonder, why are more and more people taking to the stage? The 1990's bought about the revival of the theatrical performances with famous names such as Dita Von Teese, Gyspy Rose Lee and Miss Dirty Martini.

Burlesque has changed over the centuries but one factor still remains the same; the showgirls revel in the opportunity to show how glamorous burlesque and cabaret can be for their audience.

So we would like to share with you 5 things you may not know about burlesque:

1. Burlesque is the original music parody. It was a revolutionary dance intended to make people smile and laugh. Turning opera and ballet into comedy and expressive acts was frowned upon for the time, but that only encouraged artists to grow it into the dance style we know today.

2. It is about more than just the costume. The attire is only one part of a burlesque routine as the dancer also has to be able to act to create a show stopping performance. A theatrical element is the signature for this dance style.

3. There is more than one type of burlesque dancing. A dancer can choose to express themselves with moves and acts from different decades and different themes; art, power, sex, glamour, storytelling, laughter, culture, music and more.

4. Men can try burlesque too. This dance style may appear dominated by women, most likely because of how it began. But it is the 21st Century, so it doesn't matter what you gender are, as long as you can create a spectacular show.

5. Burlesque is not stripping. Becoming a professional burlesque dancer does not mean you have to master the skill of stripping in front of an audience. In fact it is quite the opposite. Risqué performance are intended to tease the audience with glamour and artistic talents of dancing, acting and sometimes singing. Loss of clothing is not required.

You cannot argue that burlesque dancing is known for outrageous costumes, elaborate set ups and provocative performances but as with many other dance styles, there is more to the art than what you first believe.

If you feel inspired this week after checking out the performances in the London Burlesque Festival, why not search for a burlesque class near you to try it for yourself. Select more information below to find out more about burlesque and find a class near you.
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