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Hip Hop in to Half Term!

5th October 2017

Hip Hop in to Half Term!
Half-term is fast approaching. Keep your children entertained this October by enrolling them in to a Dance class Near You. Channel their energy in to something that they LOVE! And whilst they are strutting their stuff, you could take some time for yourself and look at one of our Yoga or Pilates classes.

Why enrol your children in a Dance Class this half term?

Becoming a skilled dancer requires more than just talent. Practise, discipline and focus are essential skills that dance classes can help to develop, and these can be carried through in to all areas of a child's life - including leading to improvents in their academic performance.

Dancing is a highly physical activity, meaning that children who participate in dance will reap all the benefits of an active lifestyle! It will improve the cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and strength, helping to develop their motor skills during their growth.

The social element of dance is another reason to enrol your children in a dance class this half term. Dance teaches the art of expression, as well as providing children with confidence to perform around their peers. Dance classes are also a great way for your children to mingle with new kids who share similar interests and passions!

What type of Dance is best for Children?

With so many styles of dance out there, it can be a daunting process choosing which one is right for your child. Many dance styles are great for children, so it's worth taking a look at several different options to see which engage them the most.

Typically, ballet and tap have been the most prevelant choice of dance class for children due to their structure nature and grading scheme, however, that is changing. Whilst these dance styles are still hugely popular, the rise of modern dance is making way for Hip-Hop, Freestyle and Street Dance - all of which boast a vibrant and fun atmosphere that attracts children! These modern dances are often more physically demanding and fast paced, meaning that they're a great way for children to get fitter and improve their sense of rhythm.

Strictly Come Dancing has caused a surge in interest for Ballroom Dancing in the last few years - for people of all ages! Whilst it requires greater levels of concentration and technical abililities, it is a dynamic and emotive form of dance that can be used as a way to channel children's energy. Ballroom itself encompasses a range of different styles, so it's worth taking a look!

How to find a Children's Dance Class

To find dance classes in your area, visit the Dance Near You website, or download our NearYou App and enter your postcode!

Select the "Children's" category under 'Level' to see dance classes geared especially towards children and book your child in for a dance class full of fun this half term!