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Get fit in 2017 with a blend of Bollywood and Bhangra

21st December 2016

Get fit in 2017 with a blend of Bollywood and Bhangra
Are you thinking of getting fit in the New Year? Well why not try something a little different to your average Zumba class?

If you're looking for dance classes in Birmingham, then Haripa Dance Group offer a new unique modern blend of Punjabi Folk and Bollywood dance.

What can you expect in a class?

This new Asian dance style developed by dance instructor Amarjit Gill, incorporates traditional Bhangra cultural folk music and dancing from the Punjab (North India) with Bollywood, a modern Indian style incorporating classical and folk dance with the occasional Latino and Arabic influences.

The fusion of dances form feminine, dynamic moves with fluidity and poise, offering an energetic, graceful and uplifting dance for the- students. The dance choreography is compiled to tell a story as well as offering an overall great body workout from hips, waist, legs, shoulders and arms.

It's a modern Asian Dance that links traditional feminine movement with powerful dance rhythms and fantastic beats utilising remixes of disco to R&B, Soul, hip hop and Latino sounds.

The dance attracts women from all walks of life, which proves beneficial when performing on various platforms as dance is indeed very much a universal language. A good sense of rhythm, co-ordination and fitness helps, as this is an energetic dance workout.

The new style allows beginners to develop their dance technique and coordination, as well as to work on flexibility, rhythm and confidence. In the advanced group class; dancers adopt a new dance style paying particular attention to hand movements, grace, poise, technique as well as expression.

These classes start with a warm up with exercises before breaking down the choreography of a particular song.

Bhangra in the UK

Haripa Dance Group have performed across various platforms nationally with an expanding portfolio and dancers get the opportunity to perform at a number of national events across the UK including the recent cultural prestigious event event UK Bhangra Awards 2016 with a live audience of just under a 1000 people.

Headed by Bobby Bola of Culture Unite; “UK Bhangra Awards 2016 represents a lifestyle, tradition and cultural values, which encompass the very soul of Asian communities in the UK uniting Bhangra fans from all cultures and bringing together legendary artistes from the industry.”

If you would like to be part of a friendly, vibrant ladies dance group and learn a new dance then this maybe this could be the one for you.

How to find a dance class

Haripa Dance Group are one of the many dance schools offering dance classes in the UK. If you're in Birmingham, you can contact instructor Amarjit via Dance Near You. Just click the link at the bottom of this article to see her class schedule.

If you're looking for dance classes elsewhere in the UK, then head over to the Dance Near You homepage and search using your postcode to see what's available in your local area.

You can now also book a place online using any major credit or debit card. With January set to be a busy time for all, booking a place in advance could is the best way to prepare for the New Year.