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Get fit and have fun with a Pole fitness class

19th May 2016

Get fit and have fun with a Pole fitness class
Pole dancing.
I'll stop there. Already, you might've painted a picture in your head of a dark and dingy basement club with women wrapping there barely clothed bodies around a pole.
You're not wrong, this is most definitely something that happens. However, when we're talking about pole dance classes, it couldn't be further from the truth.

Pole dancing has moved from the strip club and placed itself firmly in the middle of dance studios.

It isn't about looking sexy, because trust me, when you first start you'll look anything but. You will however, be having a hell of a lot of fun.
Embrace the pole
Pole dance classes are great alternative way of keeping yourself fit and are very challenging workouts. They are a growing fitness trend and have become more popular in recent years as the activity has become less 'taboo'. There is now even a Pole dancing world cup. Last time out over 150 competitors took part, representing 36 different countries.
Pole moves are difficult to pick up at first, as it requires you to use your body in ways you probably haven't used it before. It combines the best of aerobics with pole techniques to create a high impact workout that requires flexibility, strength and muscular endurance.
The only slight similarity pole fitness might share with pole routines of the stripper variety, is that sometimes wearing less is actually helpful. Smooth and shiny clothing such as lycra will not help you grip the pole, it will simply cause to slide down it. Tight fitting shorts and having your arms exposed is advisable if you want to make life easy for yourself.
The beauty of pole dancing is that for the majority of women, it takes you outside of your comfort zone. But ultimately, it can be a very rewarding and in some cases an empowering experience. You'll soon realise that your body can do far more than you thought it was capable of.

Pole fitness is also a great way of losing weight. The pole moves you learn require the full use of your body, so help you to burn calories quicker than a regular cardio workout. Over time, it would help continued weight loss and to tone core muscle groups.
You will also become more agile and flexible. Spinning around a pole doesn't lend well to those who aren't flexible, so as your body learns new movements, you will feel yourself loosening up. In the long run, this will help you avoid joint pain or stiffness and can contribute towards reducing the chances that you suffer from the likes of arthritis of osteoporosis in later life.
Pole dancing classes also help you to grow a greater understanding of your body and its limits. As you try more difficult routines, your perceptual awareness will improve. You will get a better feel for your surroundings and this will help you prevent injury, not only while on the pole but in day to day life as well.
Find a pole fitness class
If you're finally ready to ignore the stereotype and are ready to get yourself on the pole, then finding a class is easy on Dance Near You. There are pole fitness classes all around the UK in dance studios, gyms or even private home venues.
To find a class, simply visit the main website and use our drop down menus to choose what you are looking for. In this case you'll want to select 'Dance Fitness' classes, as this will help identify pole classes.
If you have some reservations about the physical nature of pole fitness because of a medical condition, or previous injuries, then it could be best to speak to your doctor and the instructor before you decide to get stuck in. You can do this by using the contact button on the Instructor's profile. This way, they can then tailor a session that suits your needs.
Source: Dance Near You