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Funky Street Dance - It's transforming your child in an AMAZING way!

5th May 2015

Funky Street Dance - It's transforming your child in an AMAZING way!
There have always been kids who love to dance, but up until the last decade parents have found little on offer outside the traditional dance forms. The long-established dance practices, such as ballet and jazz, provide incredible physical and emotional growth in children, encouraging their muscle development, co-ordination, flexibility and core strength in a highly systematic and often exam-led way.

But what about the social side of dance? The freedom of movement? The individualism of dance as an art form?

Street dance and break dance are unfortunately still sometimes considered"less beneficial" or"just a bit of fun" by parents signing their kids up to the dance classes. It is only once they recognise the incredible transformation in their child as a direct result of this dance form, that they begin to see the wealth of benefits being providing by this funky dance style.

The social element of group choreography allows the kids to interact and socialise in a way that is near-impossible in a ballet class. Precision of movement is always promoted, but individualism within that isolation or step is nurtured, and kids quickly become more familiar and confident with how their own body moves and works.

The fears that a lot of children face over performing in front of family and friends, is often quickly eradicated as the children feel part of a team, supported by friends, and it is amazing to watch them apply this new found confidence when interacting with new places and people in their day to day lives.

Freestyle dance is a huge part of the funky street dance style and can nurture a kid's confidence at an incredible rate. There is no wrong movement or rhythm. No boundaries to their expression. Aside from helping to use up children's often limitless supply of energy, freestyle dancing encourages kids to flourish in so many other ways. Every child is supported to explore their uniqueness, allowing them to get lost in their own world of music and dance. Kids subconsciously begin to discover what these art forms mean to them, and without even realising it, start to understand the idea of emotional expression and cultural attitudes. With no two children performing the same movement or dance routine in these freestyle sections, kids grow in self-confidence at an incredible rate, and feel ready to apply that new-found assurance into choreographed parts of the routine, inevitably helping them become a better dancer all round!

Fostering positivity, expression, creativity and self-appreciation on top of the obvious physical developments of all dance styles; Funky Street Dance can only be a great thing!

Dance teachers at Funky Moves aim to put a staggering amount of fun into all their children's dance classes, holiday courses and dance parties, sharing their passion and love for dance in a very friendly and nurturing environment. With over a decade of teaching under our belts, we can't wait to support the next generation of kids as they connect, communicate and explore through Funky Street Dance!

To find out more about Funky Moves Dance experiences and enquire about a dance class for your child follow the link to the profile below.

Article written by Holly Easterbrook from Funky Moves Dance
Supplied By: Holly Easterbrook