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Forget the stereotypes... pole dancing is a great way to get active.

16th September 2015

Forget the stereotypes... pole dancing is a great way to get active.
There was a time when pole dancing was associated with dark underground venues, barely dressed women and perverted drunk men. However that stereotype has long faded and now pole dancing is becoming a popular fixture above ground, at dance studios and dance schools around the country.

Pole dancing is a growing fitness trend and has become an increasingly popular way of working out. It generally attracts a more female crowd, but men can have a go at it too. It's become especially mainstream in the last few years, with the Pole World Cup launching in 2012. Earlier this year during the third annual event, there were over 150 competitors both male and female from 36 different countries.

What does Pole Dancing involve?

Pole dancing, also known as pole fitness, is an extremely challenging full body exercise. It is a combination of aerobics and pole technique, which creates a high impact workout. It requires a lot of flexibility, core strength and muscular endurance.

Pole fitness and pole dancing are not exclusively the same thing. Pole dancing is a form of entertainment, whereas pole fitness is more a dance based exercise. Neither however should be associated with stripping, in fact the early stages of learning pole moves are pretty ungraceful until you learn the ropes. It is a very athletic form of fitness training, which is based upon the dance moves used in pole dancing.

A key part of practicing pole dancing is the use of the skin to grip the pole. Wearing smooth clothing such as Lycra will prevent your body from gripping the pole and make the positions harder to execute. That doesn't mean to say you have to all but do it in your underwear, but tight fitting shorts and exposed arms are highly advised by teachers.

The Benefits of Pole Dancing

Physical Benefits

The intense workout has a lot of positive impacts on your body. The wide variety of poses incorporate the use of your whole body, so it will immediately begin to tone your muscles and develop your strength. It will also increase your agility and flexibility. As a result of this you are less likely to suffer from joint pains or stiffness, and will lower the chances of suffering from osteoporosis in later life.

The regular exercise of pole fitness will also improve your cardiovascular health, just like an other exercise and in turn this will give you a good, regular blood flow around the body.

You will also develop greater awareness of your own body. This is known as kinaesthetic awareness. Trickier routines will help develop this and allow you to become more aware of what is around you, preventing the likelihood of injuries or accidents caused by colliding into people or things around you.

Weight loss

Pole workouts are a well recognised method of losing weight. Because it is a full body workout, the exercises burn calories quicker than your average cardiovascular exercise. Over an increased period of time, a pole regime would be a highly successful weight loss method.

Self Esteem

Pole dancing classes are also reported to boost your self esteem. Once you learn the ropes, your body starts to strengthen, giving it a more toned, athletic look. In turn this can help boost your confidence about the way you perceive yourself. It's also great for your posture.

How To Learn Pole Dancing

Because pole dancing has become more popular, it's now easier to find a class and you certainly don't need to feel put off by the reputation it used to behold.

You may have further questions about the suitability of pole dancing for you. Well pole dancing can be practiced by anyone of any age. Fitness poles are designed to take a lot of weight, so whether you are a dainty young girl or a 35-year-old rugby player, you can still get involved. Speak to the instructor before you go along to find out more about the class, but you'll usually find exercises are tailored to your needs.

It might be that previous health issues or injuries are making you undecided about pole fitness, but there's no need to worry about that either. Learning pole moves is a gradual process, your first lesson won't be a rigorous workout for the body and you will be able to grow in confidence and ability at your own pace.

However if you have a history of, or currently do suffer from back, neck or wrist problems, it is recommended you consult your doctor or physiotherapist and seek there advice.

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