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What is Flamenco dancing?

Flamenco dancing is a solo expressive Spanish dance for men and women. Male flamenco dancers perform intricate footwork while female flamenco dancers focus more on the movement of the arms, hands, and fingers. Dancers perform using hand clapping, castanets, percussive footwork, sweeping arm, and body expressive movements. It is an intense dance that captures the spirit of Spain.

Flamenco dance is an art form based on the folk music traditions of southern Spain, a mix of Spanish, Jewish, and Gypsy dance.

Modern flamenco takes music from all genres, classical, traditional, pop and hip hop, performed in clubs, bars, and theatres.

What are the benefits of joining Flamenco dance lessons?

Flamenco dancing is energetic, fast and expressive. It brings a fusion of Spanish traditions, music, singing, dance, clapping, and improvisation. Flamenco is heady mix of Spanish culture.

If offers the benefits of an aerobic dance, a complete workout for your legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck, improving strength and flexibility.

When you join a Flamenco class you will learn musicality, rhythm, and learn how to express yourself dramatically through the dance. Many Flamenco dance teachers have live Spanish music in their classes to improve the atmosphere of their Spanish Flamenco dance classes.

What do I need to wear in a Flamenco class?

Flamenco is hot and sweaty, it is important that students wear clothing that does not constrict movement. Absolute beginners should wear comfortable tops, t-shirts, stretchy pants or jeans and trainers or dance shoes for the first classes. Students can invest in full Flamenco style clothing as they progress.

Flamenco shoes are the flamenco dancer's most important tool. Women dancers will need to purchase real flamenco shoes, men will have to purchase flamenco boots before being able to perform more advanced footwork. These are specialist shoes not to be confused with tap or character dance shoes.

Castanets, are usually provided by the dance studio or academy for beginners. Regular flamenco dancers buy their own castanets. Other accessories include fans, and shawls, students may make an inexpensive practice shawl from a large square of light fabric.

Where do I find Flamenco classes?

To find a local Flamenco class in a dance studio or venue near you use the search form on this page. All the Flamenco teachers listed are experienced and qualified. Flamenco dance lessons for beginners intermediate, advanced students and private lessons on Dance Class Near You all run by qualified flamenco dance instructors.

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