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Find a dance event near you to celebrate the International Day of Dance 2016

7th April 2016

Find a dance event near you to celebrate the International Day of Dance 2016
With Easter behind us, that means we're hurtling towards the 2016 International Day of Dance! The UNESCO organised annual event promotes all types of dance around the world.

UNESCO's aim is to promote culture and education through dance and theatre and to attract the attention of the wider public to the performing arts. The global dance event is celebrated every year on April 29.

Each year, the Chairman of the International Theatre Institute releases a statement of support for the day. Last year's chairman, Israel Galván, the internationally acclaimed flamenco dancer, dedicated the day to dancers around the world;

“I would like to be able to dedicate this International Dance Day and these words to any person in the world who is dancing just at this moment. But, allow me a joke and a wish: dancers, musicians, producers, critics, schedulers, let's have a party finale, let's all dance, as Béjart did, let's dance in style, let's dance the Bolero by Ravel, let's dance it together."

Dance in the UK

Dance as an art is growing, with thousands of dance schools in operation around the UK and that doesn't even take into account the popularity of urban dance outside of the studio.

There are now as many as 200 dance companies running as well, which helps to play a role in the successful production of West End musicals, opera, films, TV shows, exhibitions and corporate events. The dance industry as a whole creates over 30,000 jobs and this is just in the UK. Worldwide the scale is even bigger.

Learning to dance

Learning to dance can have a number of benefits, for yourself or maybe for your children. Dance classes are a great way to keep fit and get regular exercise. They are a great opportunity to help create a healthy living routine, something which is good to maintain into later life. With so many dance styles available, from Zumba, to ballroom dance classes to swing dance classes, there is certainly something for everyone to keep it fresh and fun!

Dance classes encourage you to be creative and the learning of routines has been proven to improve brain function, not only for children who are learning, but for older people who suffer from memory issues.

Most importantly, learning to dance is fun and it's something that is available to everyone regardless of gender, age or ability.

Find A Dance Event

In the spirit of the International Day of Dance, there are a number of special events being run at dance schools around the country. Not only that, but on Dance Near You there are thousands of dance classes being run on a daily basis.

You can find one by visiting the main website and searching using your postcode. This helps identify the dance studios and dance instructors nearest to you.

Once you find the dance class and dance style you are looking for, you can book your place online or just simply leave an enquiry with the instructor.
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