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Fill your Spring with Social Dancing!

6th April 2017

Fill your Spring with Social Dancing!
With the sun shining and the winter well behind us, more dance teachers are ramping up their social schedules with dance events across the UK happening in the coming months.

Social dancing events are a great way to socialise, make friends and have some fun. Events come in all shapes and sizes. Salsa, Kizomba and other Latin dance styles are particularly popular, but recent years have seen a real resurgence in big band style dances. For example dance styles such as swing, lindy hop, disco, line, country dancing and a whole lot more!

Reasons to go social dancing

Dance is a great way to keep fit while you have fun. Just a couple hours of dancing a week can help you stay in shape and provide your recommended dose of exercise.

There are also proven health benefits of learning to dance. Mild exercise improves the condition of your respiratory system and improves the circulation of oxygen around the body. As a result, your cardiovascular fitness improves and you develop muscle tone and strength.

Dancing is also great for confidence. Being able to learn a new skill and feel comfortable dancing with a partner is a huge boost for the self esteem. Dance also raises endorphin levels and elevates your mood. It makes you FEELGOOD, which is what NearYou is all about!

Types of dance event

Here on Dance Near You, there are so many different events that offer great experiences to dancers of all genders, age and experience levels.

If you're looking for something local, you can attend one off events that offer a whole night of dancing, drinking and fun with friends.

Alternatively, some dance instructors run dance holidays! A weekend away with plenty of dancing. Spend the weekend as part of a group who love to dance as much as you do. Get lessons from experienced instructors before putting what you've learnt to the test in evenings full of fun!

If you're really looking for a traditional and authentic dance experience, some dance Holidays take place in the countries of origin. For example, spend a week in Havana! Take in the culture the island of Cuba has to offer by day and then dance the night away with some traditional latin ballroom.

How to find a dance event

There are hundreds of dance teachers on NearYou that offer dance classes and events. It couldn't be easier to find them locally, all you need to do is take a look at the 'NearYou' iPhone and iPad App! or head over to the events page on the Dance Near You website.

If you want to secure your place before the events fill up, simply book yourself a place online or via your mobile. It's safe, secure and easy to snap up tickets.

Alternatively, you may want to go all out and find a dance holiday. Well there's some great ones to be found on this website. Just check out the 'retreats and holidays' under the dance events tab!
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