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Where can I find a dance class App?

21st December 2016

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Where can I find a dance class?

Are you looking to get fit and healthy in 2017? If you are, then why not do it by trying something new. Dance classes are available all across the UK and we've got a way for you to have immediate access to thousands of them.

Dance classes are ideal for people of all ages looking to learn a new skill, exercise and enjoy the social side of dancing. Dance classes range from classical dance styles such as Ballet to new styles such as street dance, to social dancing including salsa, and also to energetic aerobic styles such as Zumba or dance fitness.

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Where can I Find a Dance class APP?

Answer: If you're using an iPhone, download the NearYou App! It has thousands of dance classes, offers and events to choose from. Everything from street dance, to tap or burlesque and just about every dance style inbetween.

Dance teachers and dance studios tend to add lots of social dancing into the mix, making dancing a great social and physical activity.

Instructors love to dance and they are very welcoming. They tend to be outgoing and friendly so you can be reassured that you will get a warm friendly welcome even in the depths of winter.

If you don't have a partner, don't worry! Many of the classes attract singles and you get to meet lots of new people and have fun.

If you're looking for tap and ballet classes for children you can find them on the APP. Use the filters to choose ballet or tap classes and select your level, in this case Children.

The APP is a location based online service which uses your GPS to find a local dance class. You have the option to add a postcode, city or town and the App will bring up the nearest yoga teacher or studio.

Quickly scrolling through the listings you can see what's on offer. If you have a good idea of what your looking for such as salsa, you can use the filters to show where it is being taught.

Never danced before? Choose a beginners dance class. Use the filters to find the nearest beginners dance class to you.

The APP is easy to navigate and you can use it to find great deals with
many instructors offering discounts and introductory deals for new students in January.

Be Quick – Book a Dance class

January is a very busy time of year with people looking to get fit and stay fit. Many classes get booked up fast. The best way to reserve your place in a class is to book during the Christmas break before the start of January.

Plus, you can check out new Dance Class offers and dancing events near you.

Find a dance class near you!

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