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Dance Trends of 2018

22nd December 2017

Dance Trends of 2018
We predict that in 2018 there will be a huge growth in people taking up dancing. People are fed up with big-box gyms and aerobic exercise to rather dull and bland pop music. They want the interaction that learning to dance gives.

Learning to dance is a great aerobic exercise, with a social element that's lacking in the formula driven fitness gyms.

Trending dances in 2018

Argentine Tango is on the rise. The final of Strictly watched by over 11 million people showcased Debbie McGee performing with Giovanni Pernice. It was simply amazing, sexy, and was probably the best bit of advertising that Tango teachers could wish for. Dance Near You expects Argentine Tango to boom in 2018.

Ballroom Dancing: Strictly has really taken the public by storm, and we have seen a big rise in the demand for Ballroom dancing lessons. December saw the strongest growth on Dance Near You in demand for classes as the final came and went. We expect this trend to continue in 2018.

Private Ballroom dancing lessons are surging and people are prepared to spend £100's on private Ballroom dancing classes. Many dance schools specializing in private dance lessons are booking up fast for the New Year.

Cuban Dancing is attracting lots of people new to dancing. It's really fun, incredibly fluid, and unlike Ballroom dancing offers dancers a fun approach by mixing styles and moves with great upbeat music. It has its roots in Cuba and the Caribbean, but it is not traditional in those nations.

Street Dance is hugely popular with young kids - they absolutely love it! In fact, they can't get enough of it and many classes are selling out as soon as they become available. Top London street dancing teachers like Damien at B-Better are in high demand.

Line Dancing has moved on big time. It's no longer Country and Western, now they dance to Salsa, Hip-Hop, Latin, and Pop classics. Demand is really growing strong among all age groups. It's inexpensive, very social, and most importantly, fun!

Theatrical Dance is getting a revival! Having attended the MoveIt shows in London we were impressed with the talent and sheer enthusiasm of the young performers.

Dancing isn't just about learning to dance. Here at Dance Near You we feel that it is about socialising, expressing yourself, learning, and experimenting. It's about harnessing your creativity and feeling fabulous in your dancing gear.

Dancing Shoe Trends

We will see more sparkle and bling on the dancefloor in 2018. The footwear will be getting glitzier and more glamorous. Flashy shoes and bright colours are to be expected, with red being the colour this coming year. Crystal and metallic highlights are also expected to sell well. With dancers stocking up on professional dancing shoes, we are going to see a brighter, sexier 2018.

Dance Wear Trends

Dresses are making a come back, with bright colours and glitz. Looking good is all part of the dance craze. Strictly has made dancing popular again and this years series put glitz and glamour up there on the screen. With fabulous costumes and sets, the show attracted millions of new viewers. Looking good and FEELING GOOD is all part of the fun.

Everyone wants a bit of glamour in their life. Expect to see the ladies in glamorous and elegant outfits, and men taking a few risks with colourful shirts. Who wants to dance whilst looking ordinary? Be extraordinary and upgrade your dance wardrobe!

Bold colours, reds, yellows, blues, glitz and sheer are all going to be big for dance fashion in 2018.

The Future

We launched Dance Near You because we felt that the dance scene was moribund - run by people who loved dancing, but were lost in tradition, exams, and grading. Dance Near You has opened up the world of dance once more and aims to make it popular again. More importantly, Dance Near You gives access to people looking for talented and qualified Dance teachers.

Strictly Come Dancing has been brilliant in 2017. Now learn to dance and experience the drama, excitement, and physicality for yourself.

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