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4th January 2019

Dance Near Me

Dance is a great way to get fit stay fit and make new friends in 2019. Dance Near You hosts thousands of classes, social dance events, workshops and courses. If you are looking to take up dancing its the place to explore dance near me.

Everyone can learn to dance

Dance is very much a social activity, it brings people together, all ages, all abilities, all nationalities and its enjoyed by all sexes. Its the ultimate way to get energise your life in 2019.

In fact studies in America has proven that Dance helps people get fit, stay fit, improves their cognitive skills, flexibility, and offers a social element that few other activities offer.

Learn something New in 20019

Start the new year and learn to dance. There is a huge range of dance styles everything from ballroom to Latin American, swing dancing, line dancing, street dance, classical dance such as ballet and everything in between.

Dance is multicultural, you can dance to all kinds of music, from African, South America, Asian as well as western pop, jazz, classical, electric DJ mixes.

You will never be bored, there is always something new to learn, a new step, a new sequence. Who knows a new friend?

The best choice of dance classes

You get a huge range of choice on dance Near You. Find a dancing class is quick and easy. Just use the search on Dance Near You and you can book a class or social event in minutes.

Great Values dance classes

Book a class when and where you want it. No ties in just book-online. In January Dance teachers are keen to recruit new students in January so you can grab some really good deals. Some offer starter packs so that you can try a classes first at a reduced price.

See before you buy

Look out for reviews and videos. Reviews will give you an idea about the dance teachers. Look for Feefo rated instructors. Videos can give you an idea of what you can expect.

Safe and secure way to reserve your classes

You can book online securely, Dance Near You is Trusted by the public. It uses the NearYou platform so that you get support when you need it.

The dance classes get booked up fast

The best dance classes get booked up very quickly. Don't delay book your classes as soon as you can to avoid disappointment on Dance Near You or the NearYou iPhone app.