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Dance fitness classes are very popular and offer a great way to keep fit to music.

Fundamentally all dancing keeps you fit however a number of high energy work outs have developed incorporating dance steps and moves to music. You should expect to dance to a wide variety of music, that is loud and fast to really get your heart rate pumping.

The most popular dance fitness classes are aerobics classes which feature steps and rhythmic moves, Jazzercise, Kizomba, Pole Dancing and new entrant on the block ZUMBA dance. Which is becoming more and more popular.


Aerobics dance classes combine the rhythmic steps of aerobics with dance movements. It can be roughly divided into three styles:-

  • High-impact exercises
  • Low-impact exercises
  • Step aerobics.

These classes involve jumping actions that are synchronized to rhythmic beats of the music.

Jazzercise is a type of dance fitness training that combines aerobic exercise and dancing to jazz music.

For more information please see the Zumba, Jazzercise and other sections within Dance Fitness.


Fitness dancing classes are available in fitness centres and dance studios in a city near you. Due to the different levels of dance fitness classes it is easier to find a dance that is best suited to you, making this a great activity to get fit fast.

Use the search form on this page to find a fitness dance class, studio or instructor near you. Simply choose dance fitness and enter your postcode and a list of classes should appear. Allowing you to enquire and browse all of your options.