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Introduction to Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance was developed in the early 20th century as a reaction against the formalised and rigid techniques of ballet. Contemporary Dance offers a range of techniques and styles used in modern choreography.

Contemporary dance classes are a great way to exercise. The improvised nature of contemporary dancing involves fluidity of movement, whilst minimising the physical stress normally caused by dancing. This style of dance allows you to translate meaning through movement and really allows you to interpret the music.

he contemporary dance technique offers a wider range than conventional dance styles. This style of dance often involves a great deal of playing with balance, floor-work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. Use the search form to find a local contemporary dance class near me.

Why should you attend a contemporary dance class?

Contemporary dance classes are modern, and effervescent allowing students to push the traditional boundaries of conventional of dance. Levels range from beginners to advanced, contemporary dance is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Contemporary dance lessons aim to highlight the ease of movement gained by using the body’s natural lines and energy. Unlike ballet which is very structured, contemporary dance is versatile combining with other dance forms to develop new and organic styles of movement.

Contemporary dancing promotes the use of the natural posture and alignment of the body, making it easy and safe to learn. Dance choreography is accompanied by almost any style of music, hip hop, rapping, classical, rock, and electronic. It allows dancers to explore endless possibilities.

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Who should attend a contemporary dance class?

Contemporary dancing incorporates a lot of ballet moves. Most students start Ballet Classes first to learn the basics. Ballet classes are particularly suited to younger children purely due to the length of time needed to develop the balance, co-ordination and understanding of the dance. Many dance teachers will recommend a grounding in ballet before moving to contemporary dance or dance theatre.

Contemporary dance classes are fluid, they will differ from one teacher to another. This is because it is not a rigid choreographic style, but a fluid style that opens up many possibilities.

To find a Ballet teacher or Ballet school offering contemporary dancing courses use the search on this page. If you have a grounding in ballet then look for contemporary dance classes near me using the location finder. The dance school or dance academy will advise you as to the most suitable classes for you, based on your experience and age.

How do I choose a contemporary dance class?

The best recommendation search 100's of contemporary dance classes, dance courses, and dance instructors or schools, and colleges located across the UK. Find a contemporary dance class near you, and book a class.

Use the search on this page and choose contemporary dance classes. This will bring up a list of suitable contemporary dance teachers, dance studios or dance schools near you offering courses and classes.