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China breaks line dancing world record

10th November 2016

China breaks line dancing world record
More than 50,000 Chinese dancers have set a new world record for the world's largest synchronised dance routine in multiple locations.

50,085 people across 14 cities in China performed the mass line dance and beat the previous record by 19,303 people.

The dancers were all dressed in matching red outfits across cities including Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Chongqing.

What is line dancing?

Traditionally, line dancing takes it influence from country and western dancing. It consists of dancers lining up in a row and following a choreographed routine to music. The sequence of steps is often repeated and there is no physical contact throughout. However, modern line dancing has put it's country and western origins to one side and is now a much evolved and reborn style of dance.

Line dancing waned in popularity after it reached extreme heights between 1950-1980. At that time, it very much focused on the influences of western dance styles such as the two-step and swing dance. However what you may have known about line dancing should be put to one side.

There is a new culture of line dancing that embraces new songs, new influences and new sequences. Many line dancing classes now focus solely on modern music, such as UK chart hits. People are looking for new and fun ways to stay fit and have fun in a social environment, line dancing is becoming a great alternative to more traditional dance styles. Especially if you're looking to go with a group of friends.

It's also good for all ages. It's not hugely strenuous, so even if you're a bit older and looking to get back into line dancing to relive your younger days, then you can!

How to find a line dancing class

You may not be looking to break a world record, but you can still enjoy some line dancing with a couple friends.

There are plenty of social events and also smaller line dancing classes available around the UK and a number of those are advertised on Dance Near You.

Simply enter your postcode in the Dance Near You class finder and it will identify your nearest dance instructors and studios. You can even refine your search to look specifically for line dancing.

Once you have found a class to suit you, you can leave an enquiry with the instructor or if you can get yourself and even your friends booked in by buying a place online!

You can see the world record video here
Source: Dance Near You