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Burlesque dance classes are finding popularity after almost dying out. The revival of Burlesque dancing has come as a result of recent movies and mainstream media coverage.

Burlesque dance is fun and glamorous and it is attracting a new audience who love dancing and dressing up in burlesque outfits. The great thing about burlesque dancing is that you can go as far as you want. You can either do a traditional solo strip dance or you can do a chorus dance to any music that you like.

Burlesque is about cheeky seduction, so don't be afraid to smile, flirt, wink, and gasp! But this will all come naturally with the more burlesque lessons you have. Movies such as the Hollywood film Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, have boosted interest in Burlesque with thousands of women signing up for classes. Burlesque shows are popping up around the country and attracting audiences the length and breadth of the country.

Start out in a group of beginners and learn the basics of core muscle control in this sexy dance. When you're ready, move onto advanced belly dance classes, where you will incorporate props and more complex moves to your routine.

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Burlesque dance lessons are open to a people who want to add a bit of glamour and fun and playfulness to their lives.

Burlesque classes teach students the art of dancing, acting and performing. With the chance to release their inner selves and a break from their everyday lives.

Burlesque classes are on offer for beginners, intermediate and advanced performer levels. If you have experience of modern dance or ballet you could be up and performing in no time.

The most important point about burlesque is having fun.


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Burlesque dancing in London is very popular and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK.

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