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What is break dancing?

Break dance or breaking is energetic form of dancing. Breaking includes a complex mix of moves everything from spinning on your hands or head, to hand glides, backspins, stylized footwork and acrobatics.

Breaking is improvisational, without standard steps or moves. Breakers usually focus on creativity, movement, energy, and even elements of danger.

Breakdancing his an incredible form of dance that requires both dance skills and athletic ability. Music is a crucial ingredient for this type of dance, mixing funk, jazz, soul, disco, electro R&B, hip hop commonly including breaks.

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Where did break dance start?

Break dancing is a style of Street dancing growing out of Hip-Hop dance movement in the early 70s, in New York. Some say the breaking we know today started as a way for rival street gangs to settle disputes. Dancers from each gang would show off their moves, and the one with the most innovative and complex moves was determined to be the winner.

It took off in the 1980s becoming a world wide dance crazy, adopted by main stream pop stars such as Michael Jackson and more recently Britney Spears. Now a global dance form, free of common gender, race, and age boundaries, making it popular worldwide.

What are the main breaking dance moves?

Break dancing is a free form dance loosely based on 4 types of dance moves, toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.

Toprock is when the dancer is standing, breakers get to showcase their rhythmic style and their ability to play with the music and it’s how breakers start their throw down, before going to the floor.

Downrock or Go Down, breakers use to go from their top rock down to the floor without stopping their rhythm.

Power Moves, break dancers spins or rotates their body, while balancing on their hands, elbows, head, back or shoulders.

Freezes, break dancers use these to end a combination of movements that a breaker has been displaying, with the freeze usually signifying the end of that particular sequence.

Additional free form moves include transitions, tricks, flips. Breakdance routines are complex, requiring energy, fitness, flexibility and musicality.

Where can a learn Breaking?

Break dancing grew out of the streets, open spacers, parks, clubs in New York. Now break dance is main stream with break dance classes being taught within dance studios, and dance schools. Classes for all levels, it is very popular amongst young children and teenagers looking to learn the basic moves and impress their friends.

A range of break dance classes are available on this website, use the location finder top find Break dance classes near me.

How long does it take to become a good break dancer?

There is no time line. Becoming a good break dancers requires commitment, effort and a good coach. Break dancing is complex, requiring good core strength. Realistically it will take around 6 months of regular practice 4-5 times a week to become a basic level dancer.

Average age of a new beginner break dancer is 8 years old, with some starting even earlier! The message is the sooner you start the sooner you will progress. The older you are the harder it gets, with a higher chance of injury.

Search for Break dancing or Street dancing on this website. Most clubs run street classes which include break dancing. Book a beginners course if your a new breakdance beginner.

Where do I find break dance classes Near Me?

Dance Near You is the UK’s leading dance class finder just use your postcode and use the filters to find Street or break dancing classes or break dance courses. Prices are very reasonable and many run starter courses.