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Bollywood dance classes : Reshaping the UK

28th July 2014

Bollywood dance classes : Reshaping the UK
Tantalising music, a kaleidoscope of colours and structured choreography ranging from sophisticated to the everyday shimmy and shake, it's no wonder that the UK is falling deep into a love affair with bollywood.

In recent years bollywood dance classes have captured the imagination of the nation and pushed us to give this innovative experience a real chance, bringing a practically ancient art to the mainstream.

With its roots in foreign allure, bollywood dance still teases us with pockets of mystery and enigma, leaving us wanting more...

Like a stolen kiss on a moonlit night, it has awakened us to a path of discovery that we are continuing to walk ... or should we say dance.

Bollywood in Britain

Derived from the authentic music of the world renowned"Bollywood" film industry. Bollywood dance is now creating a bright horizon as colourful as the city of Mumbai from where it originates, right here on our very own shores.

The UK has always embraced new cultural influences and bollywood dancing is a sharp example of Britain's mingling cultures. The fact that this style of dance is also a comforting reminder of the homeland for those who have direct or heritage links to Indian origin explains the spreading infatuation.

Bollywood dancing is unique in that it lends itself to various other styles namely hip hop, jazz, salsa, belly and contemporary dancing and therefore holds great appeal to a wide audience.

Whether for fitness, lending steps to crazes such as Zumba, exclusive entertainment pieces at parties or impressive first dances at weddings to even a spiritual art form, Bollywood dancing has evolved itself into an endless array of possibilities.

The simple motto remains the same: to get people moving.

Bollywoods roots

Despite it's universal appeal Bollywood dancing is far from superficial, it is in fact a style of dance deeply rooted in traditional forms. The folks of India have been jamming in their various communities since time immoral. Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Bhangra, Raas Garba and Ghoomar are some of the folk dance styles from various Indian States that have woven their way into the high glamour spellbinding choreography of on-screen bollywood numbers.

Indian dancing brings communities together, and proves you don't have to be professionally trained or have a specific dance background to enjoy it.

Reshaping the dance industry

Bollywood dancing in recent years has re-shaped the dance industry as the focus is to have fun, feel free within your own style and vibe and simply let go - basically anyone is capable of channeling their inner Madhuri Dixit or Ranbir Kapoor.

If you look at the dance floor during a bollywood dance, you will see each person encouraging the next as the party rhythms and killer beats begin to transport people to a time and place and an escapism beyond the stresses and strains of daily life. There will be a lot of arm grabbing and handholding taking place to pull fellow friends and family to the floor giving people that sense of belonging and sweeping them away with the magic and soul albeit a simple clapping and tapping along, turning on the taps and looking at the moon bhangra or really impressing by strutting those structured moves fashioned from the latest films.

For all abilities and all ages, bollywood does not discriminate, but cleverly weaves itself into the fabric of our lives.

It is easy to see why bollywood dancing is enjoying a cross cultural hey-day here in the UK, as the theatrical elements of the show stopping film numbers has since the emergence of the Indian film industry been replicated from the popular musical films enjoyed by westerners, making the genre easy to translate.

We now have the MTV generation to thank for the interchange of choreography between bollywood and western dance - people just love to move and such is the value behind this artistry that lends itself to both high level and layman skill.

Bollywood routines have made their way into popular UK shows such as Dancing on Ice and Britain's Got Talent bringing that something new to the table.

A great workout : Taking the UK by storm

Bollywood dancing is beginning to take the UK by storm in the form of classes, festivals and workshops because of it's very nature of allowing people to experience being a hero or heroine of their own imagined world; stealing themselves away from mundane reality, even if just for a brief moment in time.
The fun and accessibility of bollywood dancing is really taking off in realms beyond weddings and parties and actually becoming a reputable program in a health and fitness conscious society.
Bollywood movements are being tailored to target core strength, coordination, stretch, cardio and muscle toning, offering up a fun way of exercising, that embodies a full workout for overall health and fitness.

It is the perfect solution for a nation that's increasingly looking for ways to keep fit and healthy without it feeling too much like hard work.

People can simply lose themselves in the fun, thrill and music.

We can thank the popularity of Asian music sampling in tracks that have hit the top of the UK charts, programmes such as Made in Chelsea showcasing bollywood themed parties and stars such as Ashton Kutcher recently hitting the press with some super slick bollywood moves at a friends wedding, for this type of dance gaining more exposure.

Bollywood holds it's own magic and always will.

In such a fast paced information tech rich world, you can be forgiven for believing you've seen it all and that's where bollywood dancing at least in the UK as a whole is relatively a newborn avatar, steadily making it's presence known, still on the brink of that fresh perspective we often seek.

In a time where it's easy to feel disconnected bollywood dancing has the power to reshape the language of the soul. It's a style of dance that captures hearts with it's romance, enraptures with it's mythical elements and creates the fairy tale for those partial to a happy ending, and yet bollywood dancing truly delivers on every other level, from the sizzling sassy sexiness for those who love the thrill of the chase, to the frivolous fun for those looking for a break from the norm or wanting to have a bit of a show off on the dance floor, down to the very core of perfecting it as an art form with a spiritual aura.

The main principle is to reveal to people that it's within them to give it a go, without fear of failing and without fear of judgement. To feel the high-energy beauty of just being able to dance will guarantee that newly in love glow and leave a stargazed look in participant's eyes enough to give the biggest bollywood celebrities a run for their money.

You hear the music, it calls to something within you, you feel a stirring, you begin to move and that's it - you're dancing...

“Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free." - Rumi.

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