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Benefits of dance classes for children

30th March 2017

Benefits of dance classes for children
We all know by now that physical activity is an essential part of the wellness equation for adults and children. But this applies even more for children who are in their physical and mental development phase.

As parents, we have been reminded a countless number of times by governmental bodies and medical bodies that children need a minimum of one hour of physical activity per day. But do we actually achieve this?

In today’s world where we use technology in almost every daily activity, it’s becoming a real challenge to actually get physical! Let’s highlight that children should not spend more than 2 hours per day in front of screens (ipads/ TV / iPhone / computer games…). Some research have shown that beyond two hours of screen time for children can have negative physical and neurological problems in additional to creating an addiction.

Ideally getting physically active as a family is the ideal scenario, but it can be a real challenge during weekdays due to parental work / family commitments. Getting your children to a local dance class such as mixed style dance classes, kids ballet classes and children's street dance classes. are the next best option and a great solution. Not only will this add to their physical activity quota but it will it will also give you extra free time.

Children going to group classes get a chance to socialise and interact with other children outside school. Dance / dance fitness classes are great way to give you child’s brain a co-ordination and memory challenge in addition to a physical one! Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinaesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing the neural connectivity. A winner after-school activity if you want a smarter child!

Let’s not forget the feel good hormones, and the fact the children get to impress you and their friends with some cool dance moves! This will increase their self-confidence too! Watch and see your children blossom and glow!

How can I find a local children's dance class?

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Source: AEM Health And Fitness