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BellyBolly! Bollywood belly dance classes in Mayfair, Central London

21st March 2014

BellyBolly! Bollywood belly dance classes in Mayfair, Central London
A fun fusion of Bollywood and belly dance moves, BellyBolly dance classes are the perfect way to tone up in time for summer.

BellyBolly is a vibrant fusion of Bollwood dance classes and Belly dance classes.

Taking Bollywood's energetic dance style and belly dancing's more sultry moves the classes create a fun and exciting dance fusion.

BellyBolly dance classes help you become more confident and toned whilst also improving your posture and flexibility.

Absolute Bollywood Ltd. run BellyBolly dance classes in Central London.

Their BellyBolly dance classes are suitable for everyone beginners and experience dancers included.

Why not book yourself a Belly Bolly dance class in Mayfair, Central London and experience the exciting dance fusion class for yourself?

Combine the best parts of Bollywood dance classes and belly dance classes with BellyBolly dance classes in Mayfair, Central London.

For more information about Absolute Bollywood Ltd. and their BellyBolly dance class in London, click the link below.