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Finding local Belly Dance Classes near you is a breeze with our new dance class finder. All the classes you can search for are run by highly skilled and practiced belly dancers.

Belly dancing is a traditional west asian dance and is the perfect excuse to get dressed up in the exquisite outfits that the woman are known for wearing.

The physicality of belly dance classes also provide a great and enjoyable work out. Feel empowered and have fun in this mainly women only dance classes!!

The majority of belly dances focus on the hip and pelvic area and it is a non impact, weight bearing exercise that is suitable for people of all ages. So why not search through to find a belly dance class to match your ability level.

Start out in a group of beginners and learn the basics of core muscle control in this sexy dance. When you're ready, move onto advanced belly dance classes, where you will incorporate props and more complex moves to your routine.

These belly dance classes are intense, fun and sassy, so shimmy over to the search form and find belly dance classes near you! Also, please be aware that some of our instructors may have special offers in which a free beginners introductory belly dance class may be available.

Use this belly dance directory to find a local belly dance teacher or belly dance school.