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Become an Exercise to Music Instructor

2nd October 2017

Become an Exercise to Music Instructor
There’s no denying the incredible popularity of exercise to music classes. This, certainly in part, has been helped by the wide of appeal of studio-based programmes. They aren’t confined to one specific age range, ability level or gender; in fact there really is something for everyone. New programmes, concepts and classes are being created all the time, so for a new exercise to music instructor the opportunities to teach are near-limitless.

What is it like to be an ETM instructor?

ETM instructors experience considerable variety to their working day, often working from multiple locations, venues and clubs. This of course requires a degree of travel; some instructors find this challenging while others feel that it is an attractive part of the role that helps to break up the working day. One thing is for certain, a career in exercise to music could never be described as boring.

Employment Opportunities for Exercise to Music Instructors

In terms of where ETM instructors can find work, there are a range of well-known exercise programmes available. Some of these are freestyle, meaning instructors have the creative license to develop their own choreography. Others are however pre-choreographed, with the developers of these programmes designing the choreography for their instructors. Some of the most common group exercise to music programmes include Zumba, Bokwa, Spinning, aqua aerobics and of course the popular suite of Les Mills programmes (e.g. Body Attack, Body Combat, Body Balance and Body Pump). In order to teach any of the licensed programmes, instructors must in addition to a formal qualification, undertake additional training and pay the appropriate fees to the programme operator. Of course, there’s nothing stopping an ETM instructor from creating their own unique style of choreography and concepts.

How to become a Qualified ETM Instructor

Regardless of which type of group exercise programme you’re looking to teach, as a minimum, to become an exercise to music instructor you will need a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (in the context of exercise to music). As mentioned, branded programmes from the likes of Les Mills, Zumba and Spinning do require extra training, but Level 2 ETM is where it all starts.

Who can become an Exercise to Music Instructor?

Almost as important as gaining the correct qualifications is having the right attitude and the appropriate set of people skills. It’s something that international instructor and presenter Kardy Laguda knows all too well. In a recent interview, he gave his best bits of advice for new instructors.

Kardy’s a big advocate of keeping things simple, whether it’s a small class of 10 people or a large venue filled with a 100. He also encourages instructors to find a signature style: “It has to be in the DNA of the individual instructor. If someone likes telling jokes then they need to use that during their delivery in some way, shape or form. You can use your signature to motivate people, like getting the class to shout out their favourite movies – it really works.”

With the right qualification in hand and a positive, determined attitude to match, you’ll be ready to pursue employment opportunities. A few potential avenues to explore could be: cruise ships, holiday resorts and retreats, private health, and local authorities (e.g. leisure centres). On top of that, ETM instructors can go down the self-employment route, create their own programmes, and hire their own facilities. This has an uncapped learning potential.

How much are ETM Instructors paid?

In relation to pay, instructors are typically paid hourly. The rate obviously does depend on the employer and the type of classes being delivered, but you could be looking at anything from £10 to £30 depending on the employer. However, those who run their own classes often earn considerably more.

To find out more about becoming an exercise to music instructor, have a look at HFE’s range of exercise to music instructor courses and packages. 

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