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Ballroom Dancing Classes Near Me

"Strictly Come Dancing" re-ignites interest in learning ballroom dancing. Finding Ballroom dancing classes is easy on Dance Near You, the UK's No1 dance class finder. Find ballroom dancing classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and competition level students. Private ballroom dancing lessons for couples are also available on this website.

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Ballroom Dancing Is Suitable For All Ages and Experience

People of all ages can learn ballroom dancing, from children to senior citizens. Novices to advanced can all learn from professional ballroom dance teachers and master those elegant steps quickly and efficiently.

Ballroom dancing is a social dance and at your dance class you will be partnered with someone of similar ability. This makes Ballroom Dance Classes a great place to meet new people, and a fun and social form of exercising.

Do I Need a Partner To Join a Ballroom Class?

Most Ballroom classes do NOT require you to bring partner, although some do. It is advisable to check the Ballroom class information before booking a class. Dancing classes in general attract more women than men. Private ballroom classes may include a partner as part of the course. Again this will be clear in the class description. If in doubt message the dance school or teacher prior to booking.

How To Choose a Ballroom Dance Class?

Ballroom dancing covers a wide range variety of dance styles. Ballroom dancing can be split into two broad types. Dance schools will often teach both types of Ballroom.

  • Ballroom international standard (traditional)
    Traditional or standard ballroom encompasses the waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, jive and viennese waltz, lower temp dancing.
  • Latin ballroom (Latin American)
    International Latin includes the Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba and Paso Doble. The Latin dances are usually danced at a higher tempo and are generally more colourful, both in terms of movement and clothing.

Ballroom dance schools and teachers often mix styles in their classes, as they do on Strictly Come Dancing. In other words you could you find yourself learning slower tempo classes such as a Waltz and faster tempo dance such as Rumba.

Whatever form of ballroom dancing you choose to learn, you will be out on the floor and ballroom dancing like a professional in no time!

What Can I Expect in a Ballroom Dance Class?

You can expect to progress from learning basic steps to dancing complex routines. It takes time, to get the best we recommend a 6 week beginners course to master the basics. This gives you and your instructor the opportunity to learnt the foundation steps, necessary to progress.

  • Beginner Ballroom Classes, you will learn how to dance basic steps with a partner across the dance-floor with ease. Ballroom classes are easy-going and sociable, where everyone is encouraged to get to know one another. Once you have mastered the basic steps you can move to the next level.
  • Intermediate Ballroom Classes, will take you to the next stage, having worn in your dancing shoes and stepped through the beginners course, and mastered the basic steps. By the end of a course you'll know many new steps and be able to perform more complex routines.
  • Advanced Ballroom Classes, focus on correct technique and execute complex ballroom routines. Each dance has its own character and you will be encouraged to embrace them! The passion of Rumba, the energy of Jive, the romance of the Waltz.

The great thing about Ballroom dancing is that you can progress are your own pace. There's no pressure to perform, it's not a competition.

Who Can Learn To Ballroom Dance?

Anyone can learn Ballroom dancing. It's fun, and it's sociable. Children can learn from aged 4 upwards. It is a skill that you never forget, it is like riding a bicycle. It gets hard with age so the earlier you start the easier it is.

Adult ballroom dancing classes include a range of age groups, from seniors to millennials. You don't need to be super fit, the majority of classes are slow tempo to start with, the dance tempo increases slowly as you progress and become more proficient.

You will not be expected to turn in a Strictly Come Dancing performance in your first lesson.

What Should I Wear?

Men and women are advised to wear comfortable lightweight clothes. Ideally women's clothes should sway along with your moves. If you are a beginner you don't need expensive outfits to start.

When it comes to shoes, beginners should wear light weight shoes that easily slide around. Women don't have to wear heels, but if you want to, don't choose heels that are as high as 3 inches. For men, a ½-inch heel is acceptable. You can buy ballroom dancing shoes at a later stage.

Where Do I Find a Ballroom Course or Lesson Near Me?

Dance Near You, the UK's leading dance class finder, is probably the best place to start. Just add your location to the search on this page, or select a location from the city list below.