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Ballet Goes Global on the 1st October!

30th September 2014

Ballet Goes Global on the 1st October!
The World Ballet Day 24 hour live-stream on 1st October will see extraordinary and unprecedented behind the scenes access to the The Royal Ballet in Covent Garden, one of the world's leading ballet companies alongside 4 other world class companies.

The Royal Ballet's section runs 11am-3pm and will be hosted by TV and radio presenter George Lamb. This is a 4 hour live event so watch up people.

The coverage will start with Class and then open their rehearsal studios to the cameras to see what really goes on in the hours before curtain up.

During the four hours from Covent Garden, viewers around the world will see coaches, principles, choreographers, artists in residence, in rehearsal as well as offering artistic insights.

According to the organisers viewers will be able to interact with the ballet dancers, choreographers and coaches by asking questions throughout the day on social media.

Viewers can watch online right here at www.roh.org.uk/worldballetday.

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Source: www.dancenearyou.co.uk