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Ballet Fitness class in Kensington

5th March 2014

Ballet Fitness class in Kensington
Looking for a women only dance exercise class? Try Ballet Body Sculpture's ballet fitness class, it's guaranteed to have you looking and feeling great.

Ballet Body Sculpture offer a unique women only dance class designed to keep you looking young, strong and healthy.

The dance classes combine elements of stretching, dance, Pilates, and ballet classes with NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) to create an entire mind and body workout which will have you looking and feeling fantastic, inside and out.

Unlike other workout classes, the mind and body class has been designed specifically for the female form, working the parts of the body most important for a healthy, attractive, womanly body.

Asta Bazeviciute runs Ballet Body Sculpture ballet exercise classes in Kensington, London.

Asta is the founder of Ballet Body Sculpture. She has many years experience in the ballet world. Having trained from a young age she was revered amongst her peers and admirers for her body and grace, making her the perfect instructor.

Asta's ballet dance class in Kensington is perfect for any woman who wants to tone, become more flexible, improve their posture, develop elegance and get the body of their dreams.

Get the body you have always dreamed of with Ballet Body Sculpture's Ballet fitness classes in Kensington.

For more information and to enquire about Ballet Body Sculpture's ballet fitness class in London, click the link below.