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Ballestics - THE ballet workout class with a difference!

4th July 2014

Ballestics - THE ballet workout class with a difference!
Ballestics is THE ballet workout class with a difference. Guaranteed to have you energised and burning calories in no time.

Why not grab the opportunity to try the dance workout class in Nottingham today?

What is Ballestics?

Created by Royal Ballet trained dancer and choreographer Jamie Thomson, Ballestics represents the newest and most exciting dance exercise class out there.

This explosive ballet workout class, set to classically inspired pop and rock music breaks all stereotypes in regards to traditional ballet classes.

Ballestics exercise classes take some of the most traditional ballet moves and couples them with modern dance moves to create an exciting, high octane workout class.

Unlike other ballet workout classes Ballestics does not use a barre allowing you to move more freely and really focus on strengthening your abs.

The best part? You don't have to be a pro ballet dancer to get your heart pumping with Ballestics ballet workout classes. Anyone can take part in a class but be prepared to sweat.

The class is a great cardio workout which offers all the toning benefits of a slower Ballet workout class making it the perfect accompaniment to any exercise regime.

Want to try a Ballestics class?

Soon to be smashing through the UK, find a Ballestics ballet workout class in Nottingham with creator Jamie Thomson by clicking the link below.

Want to become a Ballestics dance instructor?

Do you love to dance? Have you always wanted to be an exercise class instructor? Ballestics is offering you the opportunity to train as a dance exercise class instructor.

Contact Jamie, using the link below to find out how you can become a fully qualified Ballestics exercise class instructor.

Please note: In order to become a dance instructor with Ballestics you will need to hold at least a Level 2 fitness qualification or a similar level of dance qualification.

Try or teach Ballestics - THE UK's most exciting new Ballet inspired workout class!

To enquire about training as a Ballestics dance exercise instructor or to join Jamie's Ballestics dance exercise class in Nottingham, click the link below.