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Back to School: How to find a dance school for kids

11th August 2015

Back to School: How to find a dance school for kids
Thinking about sending your children to a dance school? Now is the time to start checking out dance classes and dance schools near you. Don't wait until September, classes can fill up fast so start researching now.

Choosing a dance school or teacher for your child can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of dance schools and classes to choose from on Dance Near You.

How to choose a Dance School

The needs and expectations of parents and students vary depending on the age of the children. Students generally benefit from experiencing a variety of dance styles and teachers.

1) The first step is to decide what your children will look to get out of learning to dance. Are they looking to socialise, learn a new activity or become a performer or professional dancer later in life?

2) Do you see it as a recreational activity for your children or a more formal style of dance training with examinations, competitions and performance programs?

3) How old are your children? Young children benefit from experiencing a variety of dance styles and teachers, whilst older, more motivated children around the ages of 8-10 can specialise in particular styles that they love.

4) Decide how far you can travel. For working Mums and Dads picking up children from school can have a big impact on travel time. Don't forget about traffic which can coincide with commuters heading home.

5) Day of the week. This can also influence what classes are available, so check the school curriculum. Many schools offer weekend classes and courses so bear this in mind.

6) Think about your budget. It's not just the classes that cost money. You may want to consider the dance wear, dance shoes and whether it involves qualifications at the end of term and how much the examinations cost.

Where can I find Children's dance classes?

Once you have decided what your kids will be interested in, look for children's dance classes on our website Dance Near You. This will display dance teachers, schools and classes near you. Have a look around and decide which days and times fit in with your schedule, then contact the teacher or school and have an informal chat on the phone.

Here are four simple steps to finding the right class for your children:

1. Check out children's dance classes.
2. Search by class type; such as children's ballet classes, tap dancing or other styles that your children might like to attend.
3. Check the teachers have a current CRB certificate.
4. Contact them and pay a visit.

How to Check Out a Dance School

Dance schools are keen to attract new students, however some schools are very popular and are already enrolling new students during the summer months. It's advisable to check out the schools your interested in sooner rather than later. This will give you and your kids more options. Don't leave it until September.

1) Book an appointment; Visit your local dance school, have a chat with the teachers and check out the facilities, including parking and pick up areas just in case you're late picking the kids up.

2) Look for open days: Increasingly, dance schools and dance teachers kick off the autumn term with open days and introductory events to showcase the dance styles and courses on offer. By attending dance open days you get to meet the teachers and discuss the type of classes and styles available and your kids can have a go to.

3) Pop up dance events: These are becoming popular, with dance schools using supermarkets such as Tesco and other shopping centres to promote their classes.

4) Free introduction classes: Many schools offer free introduction classes so book into a class and check them out.

It's important that you check out the facilities, for example a sprung dance floor - which helps reduce injury - and parking in the area. It could be worthwhile seeing if they run adult classes at the same time as the children's classes. This means you could enjoy a class and be on hand to pick up the kids.

Start your search for a Children's dance class Near You by using the postcode search with Dance Near You.
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