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Back To School: How to choose the right dance style for your kids

24th August 2015

Back To School: How to choose the right dance style for your kids
With the new school year only a couple weeks away, now is the time to be thinking about dance classes for your children. Dance is a great extra-curricular activity for kids. It's lots of fun, a great way to exercise and teaches creativity and expressionism.

The benefits of dancing

Enrolling your child in a dance school is a golden opportunity to contribute to the health of your children while they're enjoying exercising and being with their friends.

Dancing is particularly popular for girls. Studies have shown that young girls are not getting enough exercise, with male participation in sport at a young age being far higher. Dance is a perfect opportunity to combat this. By joining a dance class, girls will get regular exercise and this will improve their long term health and increase the likelihood of them continuing a good exercise regime as they get older.

There are so many different styles of dance that the range of classes available is very broad. How a style of dance is taught impacts on how much exercise they provide. Surprisingly this varies by style of dance and the ages of students.

This means choosing a dance class for your kids can be a confusing procedure. However there are some styles that are more suitable to children than others. Although it's not just about the style, it's also about how the class is taught.

Substance over style

Regardless of the style you choose for your kids, you need to give thought to whether it is a good fit in terms of how the class is taught. You know your child better than anyone, so knowing whether they respond to a more creative style or a more structured approach to learning will help influence your choice.

It's also a good idea to speak to an Instructor before deciding. Some classes are more active than others. There is learning involved in any class, and they will all require a certain level of demonstration, especially for beginners. However the last thing you want is your kid to be stood around watching someone else dancing, when really they want to be trying it themselves.

A study conducted earlier this year by the University of California found that some classes are more active than others. According to their research, Street Dance is the most active of the styles with 57% of the class time being devoted to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. This is higher than than other popular styles such as Jazz with 44%, Tap dancing which is at 40% and ballet classes which are significantly lower at a surprising 30%.

So with that in mind, here is a bit more information on what the best dance styles for kids are.

Street Dancing classes? Express Yourself!

Street Dance is a style of dance that is becoming increasingly popular. Street Dance allows children to use their imagination to put together dance routines that wouldn't look out of place on Step Up!

It is a very energetic and quick paced style of dancing. It's extremely popular amongst young people and is a great way to socialise and build your confidence. It's a very 'free' style of dance and quite often bursts out from the confinement the studio and can be performed in any environment. There are tons of styles ranging from hip-hop to street jazz, so there is something for everyone. The way the classes are taught can differ between age groups. Street jazz is becoming more popular, the loose nature of the classes appeal to kids as it gives them more freedom to express themselves and is a great way to use up all that energy.

Get a bit Jazzy

Street Jazz dance is a very diverse style. It could be described as a kind of fusion between hip-hop, street dance and a more traditional jazz. Street jazz is extremely energetic and due to it's combination of styles, it is very improvisational in it's nature. Because of its energetic style, street jazz is a great way to exercise, but it can be very tiring.

The use of popular recent music also makes it very appealing to kids, who can learn to dance routines to there favourite songs.

Tap into your creative side

Another popular form of dance for children is Tap dancing. Tap is more traditional than street dance and offers a very different experience. Tap involves using a metal plate on a dancer's shoe to create a tapping sound while performing. It is a great style for giving you an increased sense of rhythm, better timing and co-ordination and most importantly it's also great fun!

Tap may appear to some as old-fashioned, but that is far from the truth! Whilst it can be practiced to older music, it can also be practiced to the latest chart hits too! It can be great for kids who respond well to a good balance between a structured style but with also enough room to be creative.

Ballet Classes - A lesson in being graceful

One of the most popular dance styles for children is Ballet. It might be partly to do with the appeal to young girls of wearing a colourful pink tutu, however there are many other benefits of Ballet. It is a great way to start dancing, as the different speeds and rhythms of ballet allow you to gradually improve your balance and co-ordination. Importantly, it's also a great way for them express to express themselves. Allowing children the opportunity to be creative at a young age is vital for their development.

Ballet classes aren't just for girls either, it's also becoming more popular with boys as well. It's a great way to improve your fitness and physique. It also increases your agility, which is great for any young lad who dreams of be a professional sportsman. Ballet will give you quick feet to help you beat any opponent.

How do I find a children's dance class?

Once you've decided on a style that might suit your children, finding a class is easy. On Dance Near You there are lots of Children's dance classes available to suit their every need. There is a lot to consider when choosing the right Dance School, however we've got that covered too! Take a look at our blog about how to choose a Dance School for kids.

You're never too young to get into Dance, so why not get your kids started early? There are so many benefits to learning dance from a young age. It doesn't matter whether they want to do it for a fun or do it for competition, dancing is a great hobby to have. Now is the perfect time to beat the September rush, so find a dance class for your kids now before they go back to school!
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