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Argentine Tango classes in London

19th February 2014

Argentine Tango classes in London
If you're looking for an Argentine Tango dance class in London, look no further than Tango Fever!

Tango-Fever is run by passionate professional dancers René and Hiba who have years of experience teaching together.

The duo offer a range of high quality, fun, Argentine Tango lessons for all abilities:

Complete beginner Argentine Tango Dance Course in North and East London.
This dance course is tailored specifically to people who have never taken a dance class before, making it the perfect introduction to Argentine Tango and the world of dance.

Recent beginners Argentine Tango classes in East London.
These classes offer the perfect opportunity to improve all the Tango moves you already know, helping you progress further.

Intermediate Argentine Tango classes in North and East London.
The perfect tango class for people with experience in Tango looking to progress to the next level.

All Tango-Fevers dance classes take place in a fun and relaxed environment designed to ensure you are having fun whilst learning the Argentine Tango.

So why not give an Argentine tango dance class with Tango-Fever a go? It's a great way to get fit whilst having fun and learning a new skill.

For more information about Tango-Fever, their Tango Dance classes in London and to see their special offers, click the link below.
Supplied By: Rene Hellemons