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Anyone can Learn to dance

25th April 2019

Anyone can Learn to dance

That's right anyone can learn to dance. It will keep to young, fit, healthy and its a great way to make to make new friends. Anyone can dance. It doesn’t matter if your off the beat. It doesn’t matter if your snapping to the rhythm. It doesn’t matter if you look like a complete goon when you dance. Its your dance. Your moment. Just enjoy the dance.

What's holding you back?

Dance is a mostly a low impact form of exercise. Attending regular dance classes leads to increased strength, flexibility, and mental agility.

Dance routines help you build strength, improve your core muscles, improve your body tone and help you keep fit and stimulates your mental faculties.

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Dance is more than just twisting and turning

Dance is a physical exercise, it has deep roots, its part of our culture, our heritage and its fun.

It involves learning moves, timing, styling, listening for the beat, and interaction with other dancers. It's a beautiful thing to learn.

Dance classes are great value

Dance teachers have passion for dance, they keep their prices low. You can book and buy single classes on Near You. Prices can vary from as little as £7. Expect to pay between £7 and £15 for a group class. Prices will depend on the dance school and the capacity of the venue.

Expect to pay more for yoga classes in London, Bristol, Bath, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford and Cambridge, Southampton, and less in smaller towns and rural areas.

Footwear required

You don't special dancing shoes to start dancing. Once your in the swing however you may wish to invest in a pair of dance shoes.

No special clothing required

Dancing classes are relaxed, friendly and informal. You don't need any special clothing other than clothing should be loose fitting tops and leggings are fine. Casual wear is the order of the day. Don't forget dancing is a physical activity, you will get hot and sweaty.

No skills required

Learning to dance is all about commitment, the more you practice the better you will get. Everyone has to start somewhere, and that is a beginners class. Many dancing teachers offer introductory classes, and block deals making dancing not only enjoyable but affordable.

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