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Another Strictly, another goodbye... but who's next?

20th November 2014

Another Strictly, another goodbye... but who's next?
Judy Murray has been the next to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing. Lasting until week eight, Judy had a noticeably humorous time during her dances, all of which usually landed her in the bottom two on the scoreboard. So how did she last so long? Sheer determination and the joy she had whilst dancing!

It's been very visible that Judy has been one of the weakest dancers in the competition for most weeks. But that hasn't deterred the public for keeping her voted in the rounds week upon week. Not only does Judy bring an element of fun into her dance, and although she has been making progress (if slow) it is Judy's passionate humour which has seen he return for eight weeks. Judy's partner, Anton reflected on his time with Judy, stating:"I am so excited and thrilled about the whole experience for Judy as she is such a big fan of the show and the fun that we have had has purely been because of Judy's great sense of humour."

In what was to be her final dance at the special venue this week of the Blackpool Tower, Judy scored a personal best of 24 out of 40, gaining her first 7s of the series on Saturday. Judy and Anton's dance, the Viennese Waltz which was performed to 'Let's Go Fly a Kite' was a spectacle from the word go, with a funfair theme and Judy flitting from dancer to dancer to begin with. Her footwork was on point, with only the occasional extra step thrown in and her arms were strong throughout. The most impressive part of the performance was of course the ending, where we saw Judy lifted up into the air on a bunch of balloons!

Judy faced Sunetra in the dance off, with all but Len voting to save Sunetra. Sunetra danced an energetic Samba with Brendan, showcasing some fast fancy footwork which hit the beats on time. The couple made good use of the floor, performing a series of twists covering the whole outer side of the arena, making for impressive travelling whilst having to concentrate on those tricky steps!

This week's leader board sees Simon and Kristina at the top, Pixie and Trent second, with Frankie and Kevin following in third. All of the celebs dancing skills are better than ever at this point in the show... but who will win? It won't be long until we all find out!

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Source: http://www.dancenearyou.co.uk