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A History of dance and Hip Hop

23rd June 2017

A History of dance and Hip Hop
Hip Hop dance classes have become popular for all ages, especially due to it's inclusion in popular culture. Dance troupes on shows like Britain's Got Talent combined with films such as the Step Up Franchise have shone on a spotlight on the dance style.

As a result, it's now one of the most popular dance styles in the UK. On Dance Near You we see a lot of people visiting the website to find local hip hop classes, often for themselves or for their kids.

But what is hip hop dance? What does it consist of and where did it rise from to gain such popularity?

A Hip Hop History!

Hip Hop dance is a form of street dancing that is performed to hip hop music. The style evolved in the 1970's and 80's in conjunction with the rise of Hip Hop music.

80's TV shows such as Soul Train and films like Breakin' and Beat Street helped force hip hop into the mainstream and the music industry in tandem began releasing more commercialised hip hop music that opened up the style in all forms to a massive audience. This continued right through into the millennium and then has built up a real head of steam in the 21st century. One major example would be MC Hammer's classic hit 'Cant Touch This'.

Hip Hop is distinguishable from many other dance styles because of the fact is often freestyle and not rehearsed. It incorporates urban surroundings and requires improvisation in the moment.

Hip Hop - Why's it great and who is it good for?

Hip Hop dance is a very broad style. It takes influence from afro-american and latino dance styles. The main types of hip hop dance are breaking, locking and popping. But in recent years, it's become more commercial and has been heavily influenced by jazz.

The benefits of attending classes are fairly obvious. Hip Hop is high energy which means it keeps you fit both in terms of muscle strength and flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The nature of the style means you are constantly moving, which helps burn fat and lower blood pressure. Combined with a healthy diet, dance can really improve your overall wellbeing.

Classes are also a great way of kids making friends and learning to express themselves. It makes them more comfortable performing and socialising with large groups as often hip hop dance is done in big numbers.

It's also great fun. It's not just for children, even adults can enjoy the free expression of Hip Hop dancing classes. It's a fun alternative to pounding away at the treadmill in your local gym and it really challenges the body.

How to find a hip-hop dance class

Want to find a dance class for yourself or for you children? It's easy to do on Dance Near You. Simply enter your location and choose the type of dance you're looking for.

You can easily book a class using any major credit or debit card, or if you download the 'NearYou' App for iPhone or iPad, you can use Apple Pay for one click purchase!
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