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8.8 Million viewers tune into Strictly Come Dancing

25th October 2019

8.8 Million viewers tune into Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Tops Viewing Figures

The #Strictly show continues to draw large audiences as the celebs battle it out as they head toward the final. Last Saturdays Broadway theme night proved a huge winner for the show achieving almost 9 million viewers.

This has lifted the show from previous weeks where viewing figures were averaging in the 7.3 million mark.

Strictly Inspires people to take up dancing

The Strictly show has its ups and downs … but its still attracting huge audiences and thats good for dance teachers especially Ballroom and Latin Ballroom.

Dance Near You has seen a surge in people looking to book Ballroom classes, Latin Ballroom, private dancing classes, Tango, Salsa, and Cha Cha.

People of all ages are coming back to dancing. The Strictly show is full of dance action and drama and that inspires them to book into classes.

Best Place to find Strictly Come dancing classes

Ballroom dancing classes is one of the top searches on Dance NearYou outperforming a huge range of dance styles by a margin. Latin Ballroom is not quite as popular coming in at number 4 in the search popularity.

Dance Schools Tap in

Dance schools are creating Ballroom Dancing courses to cater for born again dancers.

Many are booking beginners Ballroom and Latin Ballroom courses. These courses usually last around 6 weeks of dance instruction. They are aimed at beginners or people who hung up their dancing shoes many years ago.

Strictly Come Dancing Courses

Ballroom courses are well priced and most run through the week Mondays to Fridays. A 6 week course will start from £30 upwards.

Strictly Come Dancing Private lessons

Private Ballroom classes are available these are more expensive than group Ballroom classes, your'e paying for personal tuition, the benefit is that you can get in step prior to going out live. Think of it as the Strictly workouts before the celebs perform.

Book a Strictly come dancing class Near You

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