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Find a dance class on the UK's No1 dance class finder. Join online dance lessons, in-person dancing, outdoor dance or watch dance videos on demand. Everything from beginners dancing lessons, salsa, ballroom, ballet classes, bellydance, Bollywood, breakdance, burlesque, cheerleading, contemporary dance, dance fitness, hip hop, jazzercise, jive, kizomba, line dancing, pole dancing, street dance, swing, tango, tap, Zumba much more.

Great value dance classes with no monthly fees and no contracts.

Access thousands of dance classes, teachers, dance schools, studios, from the North East, the North West, the Midlands, London, the South East, and the South West to Scotland and Wales.

Dance For Beginners

Huge range of dance classes for beginners. Everything from kids dancing classes to adult dance classes, improvers dancing lessons, dance styling, and advanced. Dance lessons all run by qualified, experienced dance teachers. Discover dancing, learn new styles, no matter how old our young you are.

The best way to know if dance is for you is to give it a try!

It's better to start dancing with an instructor in order to learn the correct moves and techniques. Search for dance online, or for in person classes local dance class near me use the postcode search.

Street Dance Classes

Street dancing classes are available across the UK either online or local in person. There is a huge range of street styles, to choose from including Hip-hop, break dancing, gangsta walking, locking, popping, krumping, uprock, it can be confusing.

That's where Dance Near You comes in, putting you in touch with some of the best street dance teachers in the UK. It's easy to find street dance classes, just search online classes, or find a local street dance class near me using the postcode finder.

Ballet Classes

Ballet dancing is a very strict and formal type of performance dance. However, Ballet is known for improving balance and posture and it's a great way to combine dance and fitness.

Ballet for kids, toddlers, and adults Ballet classes are particularly suited to younger children purely due to the length of time needed to develop the balance, co-ordination and understanding of the dance.

Ballet is becoming popular with over 50s, and 60s. These are specialist senior ballet classes that focus on fitness and the mobility needs of older men and women. Look for ballet for over 60s near me.

>Ballroom Dancing

People of all ages can learn ballroom dancing, from children to senior citizens. Novices to advanced can all learn from professional ballroom dance teachers and master those elegant steps quickly and efficiently.

Ballroom dancing covers a range of styles such as waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, jive and viennese waltz, lower temp dancing. Ballroom dance schools and teachers often mix styles in their classes, you could you find yourself learning slower tempo classes such as a Waltz and faster tempo dances.

Find Ballroom dancing lessons near me use the local dance search.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dance classes increase fitness, improve flexibility, general health, and are a great way to meet people. Everyone can benefit from attending salsa classes, from absolute beginners, improvers or more advanced techniques. Classes are very inexpensive and salsa teachers on NearYou get rave reviews.

There are thousands of local latin dance classes including salsa for beginners, to advanced, suitable for all ages. A fun way to stay active, enjoy great music and find new friends.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is modern, effervescent and allow students to push the boundaries of the conventions of dance. Contemporary dance lessons range from beginners, to advanced perfect for anyone and everyone.

Contemporary dance technique offers a wider range than conventional dance styles. This style of dance involves balance, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

Contemporary dance was developed in the early 20th century as a reaction against the formalised and rigid techniques of ballet. Feel free to join a class, find a local Contemporary dance school near me by using the postcode search.

Dance Fitness

Dance fitness are essentially aerobic workouts, that alternate between fast and slow rhythms that incorporate interval training and resistance training. Suitable for all ages they are good fun, and a great way to get fit and toned at the same time.

Dance fitness classes are informal so you don’t need to dress up or buy special clothing. Casual clothing including t-shirts, stretch leggings, tops, and trainers. For high intensity classes take a water flask.

Find a dance fitness class near me.

Dance Video Workouts

Enjoy Dance anywhere, anytime with high quality on demand Dance Video courses. Suitable for all levels from Dance beginners to seasoned practitioners. Play videos on any device, from mobile phones, tablets to smart TV’s at home. The same HD quality as Amazon or Netflix. Videos are created by professional qualified Dance instructors.

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